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Throughout the years, we’ve firmly established ourselves as leaders in the concrete slabs industry.

In 2003, TASS Group was created as a sub division from our sister company, MRH Consulting Engineers. As a firm we have continued to grow from strength to strength. Our well-earned reputation as a world class manufacturer and provider has been proven throughout the years by our many outstanding projects and happy customers. We provide quality products of the highest standards and ensure service excellence through a well-motivated and dedicated team of employees, which in the end maintains customer satisfaction through the supply of required products at the specified time at a competitive price, continuing to be a pioneer in the development of our wide range of eco-friendly products in order to provide solutions to the community at large and the rest of Sub Saharan Africa.

Slabline is now introducing TASS to New Zealand.

Copyright 2010

TASS is a registered trademark used in New Zealand under exclusive licence to Slabline Ltd from TASS Slabs CC South Africa.


With ever increasing building costs, the requirement for rapid building and greater awareness of energy conservation as an important aspect of building design, expanded polystyrene (EPS) is becoming increasingly used in modern day construction. 

TASS uses the properties of EPS – thermal and sound insulation, lightweight in design, accuracy in moulding and Cost competitiveness as the cornerstone of a patented composite multi storey floor slab system.

Slabline provides a full turnkey solution to the TASS system,

  • Assistance in design & detailing.
  • Manufacturing, supply & site installation, including the casting of concrete.
  • Removal of propping and materials from site, once cured.


TASS is a combination of moulded EPS block and cold rolled steel channel, to form a coffer slab system for multi storey buildings. The system comprises priority high strength galvanized steel rib which supports the high-density EPS void formers.

The system is completed by the placement of reinforcing bars between the TASS blocks in both directions and reinforcing mesh above the blocks. Concrete is then poured to fill the channels & encapsulate the rebar and mesh to form the structure of the floor slab. The beams which are created by the concrete infill and rebar in the gaps between the Poly blocks creates a monolithic, two-way spanning, coffer slab structure.

Download the TASS brochure as a Over-view of the system, including general Architectural, Enginnering & construction benefits.

The TASS slab can be used in the following applications:

– Duplex, Multi storey residential & Apartments buildings

– Multi storey commercial buildings

 – Hotels

– Shopping centres

 – Suspended ground floor slabs

We work with structural designers to provide an economical and bespoke design specifically for the needs of each structure and load case.

Over the past 20 years over 500,000m² of TASS slabs and slabline slabs have been installed in South Africa ,with applications ranging from residential, high rise commercial and industrial projects.




EPS consists of 98% air and has long been used as a thermal insulator in a number of applications. The insulating ability of EPS makes it an ideal material for energy efficient building products particularly when combined with its other properties:

  • Lightweight making it easy to transport and install;
  • Moisture resistant increasing water penetration resistance;
  • Sound absorbency which increases sound insulation particularly when used in combination with harder building materials such as concrete;
  • Safe to use. EPS is non-toxic,does not contain CFCs, can be 100% recycled, does not harbour micro-organisms, is odourless and non-allergenic;
  • Versatile in that it can be moulded, shaped and cut into virtually any shape or pattern. This allows the cost-effective production of numerous decorative building products such as mouldings and cornices;
  • Fire retardant. All EPS used in TASS building products is fire retardant and will not propagate or contribute to the spread of fire
  • Long lasting.EPS does not rot or degrade over time and remains dimensionally stable so EPS building products will remain fully functional for the life of any building in which they are used.



Airpop is a fresh name for expanded polystyrene – a product that’s been relied on by Kiwis for decades.

When you think about it, Airpop is everywhere. It ensures our homes are warm in winter and cool in summer, stabilises the ground beneath important infrastructure, keeps export food fresh and provides protection to our families in the form of helmets, life vests and car seats.

Airpop is 98% air

What you might not know is that Airpop is actually 98% air. That’s right – only 2% of any Airpop product is man-made.  In the manufacturing process it uses a unique synthetic material which expands to 50 times its own volume giving it bulk and strength.


Air pop is easily reground and seamlessly introduced into recycled content building products produced in NZ, or it can be melted down and re-engineered into other products like pens, coat hangers, picture frames and engineered timber.

General Specifications

Installation Health & Safety & Fire Performance

Engineering Design & Loading Tables

TASS is Suitable for Blockwork

Precast Panels, Tilt Up Panels

Structural Steel

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