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Slabline Ltd

Throughout the years, we’ve firmly established ourselves as leaders in the concrete slabs industry.

Reinforcing Mesh

We supply 100% New Zealand made ductile and hard-drawn reinforcing mesh required for the New Zealand construction and building industry. Manufactured here in Auckland.

Seismic 500E Grade
Ductile Mesh

Seismic 500E grade of reinforcing mesh designed to withstand the forces of seismic activity provides stronger reinforcement to concrete foundations. It was developed specifically to meet the amended residential building standards requirements that came into effect in February 2012. Development of the product involved an unwavering focus on research, in collaboration with Pacific Steel, as well as independent testing at the Pacific Steel test house.

All concrete floor slabs on ‘good ground’, are required to have reinforcing steel mesh, and all perimeter foundations are required to be tied to the concrete slab with reinforcing steel. The minimum reinforcement requirement as of 1 February 2012 is 2.27kg/m2 of Grade 500E reinforcing mesh fabric.

Features & Benefits:

  • Grade 500E (seismic) as per AS/NZS 4671:2001
    • High tensile – Grade 500 (500MPa)
    • High ductility – Class E (10% uniform elongation)
  • Weight per m2 complies with NZS 3604
  • Range of options to meet your requirements
  • Sheets individually tagged and test certificates available
Description Wire Diameter (mm) Centres (m²) Hard drawn Equivalent
SE62Res 6.1 200 665
SE62 6.1 200 665
SE72 7.0 200 664
SE72DE* 7.0 200 664
SE73DE 7.5 300 665
SE82 8.0 200 662
SE82DE* 8.0 200 662
SE815 8.0 150 661
SE92DE * 9.0 200 661

Hard Drawn (non-ductile) Mesh

Hard drawn mesh is more suitable for non-structural applications, such as driveways and footpaths. We offer a range of mesh sheet sizes to meet the needs of typical New Zealand applications.

Our range covers standard sheet sizes of 4.65m x 1.97m through to our larger economical sheets which are 6.15m x 2.42m. Centres are either 150 x150mm or the ‘step through’ option of 300 x 300mm.

Description Wire Diameter (mm) Centres (m2)
668L 4.0 150
84/10 5.6 300
665L 5.3 150
147/10 7.5 300
663L 6.3 150